How to Shave Your Head

As you no doubt have noticed our favorite Pawn Stars cast member, Rick Harrison, likes to sport the shaven head look….and he’s not alone.  A shaved head can save you money from all of those visits to the barber (not to mention shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products), it can give off the impression that you’re a neat and clean individual, and it can save you time in the shower and as you get dressed for those big dates, meetings, or other key moments in life.

We know that not every man has shaved their head so Micro Touch One put together some tips on how you may want to go about it:

  • Embrace your MicroTouch One – If you’re new to MicroTouch One, spend some time using it on your face before using it to shave your head. Get comfortable with the feel and weight of your MicroTouch One and get accustomed to shaving with our classic, single-blade razor.
  • Goodbye Long Hair! –  The first step is to grab your MicroTouch hair trimmer and cut off as much of your head hair as possible.  Take your time and do this correctly.  Having long hairs could lead to razor burns or nicks.
  • Prep your Head – Take a hot shower and give your head a good scrub to help remove excess oil or dead skin that could clog the blades. Towel dry your scalp and then apply shave cream or shave oil to your entire head and let it sit for a few minutes. This helps to soften hair follicles.
  • Grab some Shaving Cream – Now apply shaving cream on your scalp. Shaving creams helps to moisture and lubricate your hair and skin which will help the blade “glide” over the scalp and reduce cuts, bumps, or nicks. Spread it on evenly.
  • Double-check your MicroTouch One Blade – Make sure you have a clean blade in your Micro Touch One razor.
  • Where to Start – The front of your head and the sides of your head are the easiest areas to shave, so if you’re new to shaving your head, you’ll want to start out with these areas and then, as you become comfortable you can continue by shaving the back of your head. Begin by shaving with the grain of your hair – not against it – and try to apply very little pressure.  Move in slow and even strokes.  Also avoid passing over the same area more than once.  This will help to decrease irritation on your scalp.  TAKE YOUR TIME AND IF YOU BECOME UNCOMFORTABLE, STOP!  Shaving your head is a learning process.  Give yourself time to practice and learn how to do it correctly.
  • Make Sure You Rinse – Rinse your Micro Touch One blade often as you shave so it doesn’t become clogged up.
  • Post Shave – When you’re done shaving, be sure to rinse your head of all excess shaving cream. Use cold water! This will help to close your pores.  Then simply pat dry your scalp with a clean towel.  If you desire you can also apply an aftershave balm to help to prevent irritation and clogged pores.

MicroTouch One Facial Hair Series: Meet the Balbo!

Simply put, a goatee is facial hair worn only on the chin.  Think of the Balbo beard as a wider version of the goatee that is accompanied with an unconnected mustache. This chin beard should go from one side of your mouth to the other so that the hair growth resembles the letter “U.” The mustache can be thick or small in size.

The Balbo is a great choice for a man who feels he’s too skinny.  It’s a good way to add some girth to your frame. This Balbo is also suitable for men with a round face.

Use your MicroTouch One razor to help you sport the Balbo.  Simply grow your mustache and beard until it’s full and then shape with our classic, single-blade razor.  Make sure you shave your beard inwards; so that you can be able to achieve a balance on both sides of your face, and don’t forget to make sure there’s a gap between your mustache and your goatee.


Source:  Blog This Pal

Wetshaving with Micro Touch One

Image Source:  Blog This Pal

Gordon Dymowski is a fan of traditional wetshaving and, in his review of our MicroTouch One, Gordon reviews the handling, the weight, and the shave that comes with MicroTouch One.


“Once in my hand, I have to admit – there’s a nice weight to it,” says Gordon. “[I]n terms of handling and opening, this is a really surprising feel and felt rather effortless.”


After lathering his face Gordon uses his Micro Touch, and its accompanying Dorco blades, to shave.  “Surprisingly, the shave was better than I was used to with the Dorco….Handling the razor was surprisingly effortless, and gratefully, I was able to avoid the cuts and nicks that come when I use the Dorco with my other razors. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Micro One Touch handled….”

Gordon’s final verdict?  “It really is a pretty good shave, and is worth purchasing for those looking to switch [to wetshaving].”

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Saying Goodbye to Disposable Razors!

Image Source: TheWSReviews.com

“Unfortunately my mom started me off with BIC disposables,” begins Keith Alan K. in his review for MicroTouch One, “because cheap plastic razors took over the market and the safety razor disappeared.”

Keith goes to discuss how the world witnessed the increase in blades among these disposable razors.  “Then one blade became two, three, etc. My most recent shaving tool had 4 blades, plus a fifth pointed in the other direction for precise detail work around the edges.  And the blade cartridges cost about $5 each, but you had to buy at least 4 at a time!”

Sick of this “out of control situation” Keith looked for a change and discovered our Micro Touch One commercial.  Family members then gifted Keith with his very own MicroTouch One and he decided to put aside those disposable razors and to give our classic, single-blade razor a try.

“Rick Harrison is correct when he says in the commercials that you don’t need all those extra blades.  Current disposable razors are a huge rip-off, and I’m done with them,” Keith reports.  “I was pushing a $4 cartridge to last a month before, and now I’m thinking a new blade every other week at 20 cents each will do a MUCH better job.”


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Micro Touch One: Get a Shave That’s Smooth as Butter!

MicroTouch One review

Source: Country and Victorian Times

“I have used various shaving products over the past few years in the search for the one product that suits me just fine,” says Jeffrey Scott Thomas in his review of MicroTouch One.

The “one product” was, of course, our Micro Touch One single blade, classic razor and – like his father – Jeffery says he’s now “hooked” on DE shaving.

“I came upon a little beauty called MicroTouch One,” begins Jeffrey.  “It is sleek and the size is perfect. It has a very impressive design and is so easy to use…. The razor itself is the perfect size for my hand….and [I] felt that it was the perfect weight.”

But how did the Micro Touch One shave?  It “felt like butter,” Jeffrey reports.  “A beautiful glide with no pressure needed and no nicks to my face.”

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Celebrate Dad this Year with Micro Touch One!


Happy Father’s Day from Micro Touch One!  Celebrate “dear ole’ Dad” this year by giving him his very own MicroTouch One personal hair trimmer.

MicroTouch represents a name that knows about hair removal for men and MicroTouch One is the classic, single-blade razor that will give Dad a great shave – every time!  Micro Touch One is the modern version of a timeless classic so your father can reminisce about the “good old days” as he gets the best shave!    The MicroTouch One opens with a simple twist to make cleaning simple and easy. This means Dad will be able to take care of his Father’s Day present and to treasure it for years to come!

Pick up a Micro Touch One razor today and give Dad a gift you know he’ll really appreciate!


Another Shaving Enthusiast Explores MicroTouch One

“Shaving With Rich” is a YouTube channel that explore double-edge shaving (or DE shaving) and “how to get the best shaves of your life….”

Rich reviewed our very own MicroTouch One razor earlier this year in an expansive video review.  “I’ve been looking forward to [reviewing] this razor…..It’s a beautiful specimen…..This is the first razor I had my first DE shave with [and]….it’s responsible for all the great shaves I’ve had since.”


He goes on to list a number of Micro Touch One “pros” including:

  • It’s built well
  • It hasn’t shown any wear since it was purchased
  • The butterfly opening is a popular and classic design
  • The knurling (the textured handle) is great and it helps to hold the MicroTouch One correctly
  • The design of the MicroTouch One helps the blade to stay secure

The Micro Touch One is a “great value” and “I don’t think you’ll be disappointed,” Rich declares!

Watch Rich’s full MicroTouch One review







Happy Memorial Day from Micro Touch One!


Memorial Day is soon upon us, and MicroTouch One would like to say “thanks” during this special holiday.

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May and it honors the women and men who died while serving in the U.S. military.  It is considered an official U.S. federal holiday and it began as “Decoration Day” after the American Civil War in 1868.  It became “Memorial Day” in the 20th century.

While it marks the start of the summer vacation season and often includes picnics and other outdoor outings, the holiday is a specific time for people to visit cemeteries and hold memorials for fallen soldiers.  It is not to be confused with Veterans Day.  Memorial Day is a day of remembering the woman and men who died while serving our country, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, living or dead.

All of us from MicroTouch One wish you a happy, safe, and meaningful Memorial Day!

MicroTouch One Goes Down Under!

Titus ManCave is a YouTube channel from Australian Tye Joyce.  It focuses on advice from a mate, dude-centric stuff, and one of our favorite topics:  men’s grooming!

Joyce created a video review about our MicroTouch One razor and he spends a good amount of time helping his viewers to learn about our classic, single-blade razor.


He first shows how easy it is to load a razor into your Micro Touch One and then he starts to shave.  He notes the areas of his face where he knows he needs to be careful and then proceeds to give himself a full face shave.  What was his final thoughts about the MicroTouch One?  “It’s pretty cool,” he reports.

Tye ends his video by saying he was going to send a Micro Touch One razor to fellow shave enthusiast, Helmut.  We hope you enjoyed our razor as well Mr. Helmut!  J

Watch the full Micro Touch One review