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About The Micro Touch ONE Razor

The Micro Touch ONE razor is the modern version of a timeless classic. Micro Touch ONE demonstrates how you only need ONE BLADE for the perfect shave. The Micro Touch ONE is a classic razor that comes with a free set of 12 razor blades, free deluxe carrying case and a bonus set of 12 razor blades (just pay separate shipping and handling for the bonus set).


Micro Touch One Offers Maximum Style to NBA Draft Picks

The 5th Annual NBA Pre-Draft Gifting & Styling Suite event, sponsored by Idea Village brands Copper Fit and Microtouch, welcomed some of the biggest names in NBA Draft picks. Gifts for the draft picks included Micro Touch One, Micro Touch Switchblade and Micro Touch Max.


MicroTouch had a customized grooming station available for the athletes with celebrity stylist, Chrizo, who used the MicroTouch One, MicroTouch Switchblade and MicroTouch Max to detail their polished appearances.

Star Magazine noted how Chrizo used Micro Touch One, Micro Touch Switchblade and Micro Touch Max on top draft picks and how the Micro Touch products are great for grooming touch ups.

For the full Star magazine article referring to Micro Touch grooming products visit http://starmagazine.com/2014/06/30/star-shots-june-30/#19.

For more information on Micro Touch One, Micro Touch Switchblade and Micro Touch Max visit the MicroTouch website.

Micro Touch Stands Test of Time

On the review website Life in the Fishbowl, Micro Touch One was recently tried out by reviewer Matt and he shares his opinions about his shaving experience with the razor. Having used disposable multi-blade cartridge shavers for years, Matt admits he did not know what to expect with the single blade MicroTouch One.


So, how did it go? The first shave went very well, “The solid brass, chrome plated safety razor feels great in your hand,” says Matt. Matt continued to use the MicroTouch One over a period of time and says, “I’m completely sold on the Micro Touch One razor! I don’t think my face has ever been as smooth as it has been since I started using this razor a few weeks ago.”

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Sweeping Results with Micro Touch One!

micro-touch-one-review-danielles-royalegacy-reviewsWhen presented with the chance to test a Micro Touch One razor, Danielle from Danielle’s Royalegacy Reviews and More website used her husband to help her with the review and she described his experience.

Her husband was instantly intrigued by the MicroTouch One and said it reminded him of memories of watching his father using a classic single blade razor. Feeling dissatisfied with multi-blade razors, and the necessity of going over the same shaved spots again and again, he was eager to try the Micro Touch One single blade razor.

Danielle appreciated the economic appeal of the Micro Touch One and she really appreciated the elegance of the brass handle and packaging. Her husband favored the comfort of the Micro Touch One and the perfect weight of the razor in his hand. He reports achieving a smooth shave without repetitive strokes.

Most importantly, Danielle raves about the results of her husband’s shave with the Micro Touch One, “When I glided my fingers over his face, it was so smooth and soft. The smoothness under my fingers told me that the MicroTouch One gave my husband the best shave he has had for years!”

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Micro Touch One Lets You Shave the Military Way

The Micro Touch One was recently reviewed on the Army Tankers Wife blog. The reviewer described how she appreciates a close shave and admires a clean shaven face, in particular, on a man in a uniform.

To achieve the “military shave,” use the Micro Touch One suggests the reviewer. She states, “The single blade precision razor gets a closer shave than multi-blade razors, giving you a smooth and clean shave just like the soldiers do!”


With events coming up to offer gift-giving (graduations, Father’s Day and Memorial Day) the reviewer believes the MicroTouch One is “the perfect thing” to consider.

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Shaving is a Pleasure with the Micro Touch One

In a review posted on the Life Mix blog, the MicroTouch One shaver is applauded for its’ ease of use and ability to provide a clean shave. The reviewer also shows how the Micro Touch One helped a man who didn’t care for shaving learn how this classic razor can making shaving an enjoyable grooming habit.

microtouch-one-razor-reviews-life-mixThe reviewer beings by asking, “How often does your husband shave his beard?” Answering her own question she says” [M]y husband shaves as often as almost never….There were many times my children cried every time my husband shaved because he looked totally like a different person and it took them a couple of days to recognized that he was his Daddy. For him shaving is a pain in the neck.”

The review goes on to note one could make “shaving a fun and safe experience with Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor, the modern version of a timeless classic.”

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The MicroTouch One, the Razor for Grown-Ups

microtouch-one-review-rock-fatherThe review posted on the Rock Father blog expresses his enthusiasm about his experience in shaving with the Micro Touch One razor. “This is unheard of,” the review begins. “ At no point in my 20+ year career reviewing things have I written and posted a review of a product on the very same day that I first tried it. They say there’s ‘a first time for everything,’ and this is it… because the product in question is a razor, and it arrived today, and was used today.”

Because the Micro Touch One is different from what he’s previously used, the reviewer was intrigued by the classic design but not quite sure what to expect. “Currently being touted by PAWN STARS’ Rick Harrison as ‘the modern version of a timeless classic,’ the MicroTouch One is a classic safety razor – chrome-plated brass that contains a double-edged blade inside. Since barbers still use a single blade, many swear by these… but I’m of the generation that’s grown-up used to multiple blades in a variety of configurations.”

The reviewer was impressed with the Micro Touch One and stated,“…my first old-school, single-blade shave was a success…..An added bonus is that my wife loves it – the classic styling just strikes her fancy, and I can dig it. The Micro Touch One is “a solid razor” and “classy.”

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The MicroTouch ONE: Single and Loving It

Using a razor that has a double blade is really not very different than riding a bike with training wheels. It seems to just give a false sense of security. Think about it. If a tree is being chopped down, does the hatchet have a second blade? How about cutting into a steak – do you use a double bladed knife to get a finer cut? Is the second blade there to do what the first blade failed to?

The idea sounds good in theory: multiple blades provide a quicker shave because back up blades will catch whatever the first one missed thus giving you a smooth result in shorter time. But the reality is, multi-bladed razors often leave a face with irritated skin and unsightly red bumps or cuts. The additional blades are not necessary and may actually be too intense for your skin. Plus, they tend to clog quickly and can use up valuable shaving time just trying to get rinsed out.

The Micro Touch ONE razor has one superior blade – just like they tried and true razors that have been used for generations. It’s also like the razor many barbers still use today. The key is in the shaving technique and no amount of duplicate blades will make up the difference if the technique is not effective.


Shaving with the MicroTouch ONE will result in smoother skin and an easier routine in the morning. Anyone who has ever fumbled with the flimsy plastic handle of a multi bladed razor will be pleasantly surprised by the steadiness of the solid brass and chrome plated handle of the Micro Touch ONE. Instead of aiming for what sounds like the “quickest” shaving experience, get a more productive and effective shave by using the Micro Touch ONE.

Start Your Day Right with Help from MicroTouch ONE

For many people, starting the day off right means having a sense of order and preparations. Simple morning routines like shaving can set the tone for the day so it’s important to pay attention to the things that flow smoothly and the things that could cause you irritation. Change what doesn’t work and give yourself the best opportunity to start the day clean, clear-headed and confident.


Here are some things you could keep in mind.
• Pick out clothes the night before. Don’t waste time in the morning doing things like trying to match up a pair of socks. Don’t risk getting to the office and discovering that one is blue and the other is black.
• Make your bed. Sure you’re just going to mess it up again when you go to sleep that night, but this little task goes a long way to help set a state of mind that is free of clutter.
• Get serious about shaving. Toss out what you know doesn’t work for you: disposable razors that irritate the skin and fumble in your fingers. Use the MicroTouch ONE and count on a daily clean shave. Feel the weight of the Micro Touch ONE in your hand and know that this single blade razor will give you the same clean satisfaction that generations of men have experienced before you. Don’t waste time with double blades that clog and slow down your pace. Good grooming habits are the foundation of your image. It’s important to use the right tools and the MicroTouch ONE can give you the results you want every day.
• Eat something healthy and grab some fresh air and sunshine if possible. It’s easy to increase alertness naturally and can also boost energy and a positive outlook for the day.

Go with what you know works, keep things simple and predictable, focus on your goals and put your best foot forward!

MicroTouch ONE Razor Blades Pass the Test

microtouch-one-reviews-star-impulseThe Micro Touch ONE Razor was recently reviewed by Kelly of Star Impulse and she shares her thoughts about this classic, single blade razor with her readers.

“The ONE feels fabulous in your hand” Kelly begins, and the Micro Touch ONE “glides smoothly across your skin for the best shave of your life.”

Kelly goes on to discuss the blades found in the MicroTouch ONE and reports that “this razor is super easy to use and replace the blades.” Kelly continues by saying “All you do is twist the butterfly opening, take the blade out and boom. You can rinse them really easily so no hairs get stuck in between them. Plus the blades are bigger and last longer than the three or four small blades in razors nowadays.”

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Single Dads Looking Good with the Micro Touch ONE

microtouch-one-review-single-dadSingleDad.com is a website “dedicated to single parenting and specifically for the newly divorced, re-married, widowed and single father with children.” One of their common topics of discussion considers how these men can be great fathers and still look good for the dating scene.

In a recent post, SingleDad considers how the MicroTouch ONE can help these men in their efforts of looking good and here’s what some of their staff Dads had to say about the Micro Touch ONE:

“I like the weight of the blade and the cool case it came in…” – Cory

“Hey, I don’t have the same hassle as the rest of the Dads when it comes to shaving, but I like this MicroTouch.” – Dominick

“I get a 5o’clock shadow by noon with most razors and the best thing is that it works great on my back hair… I’m sold!” – RJ

“A close shave at the fraction of the price… What’s your question? I’m sold on it!!” – Dustin

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