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About The Micro Touch ONE Razor

The Micro Touch ONE razor is the modern version of a timeless classic. Micro Touch ONE demonstrates how you only need ONE BLADE for the perfect shave. The Micro Touch ONE is a classic razor that comes with a free set of 12 razor blades, free deluxe carrying case and a bonus set of 12 razor blades (just pay separate shipping and handling for the bonus set).


“Good Dad” Discusses the MicroTouch One Razor

micro-touch-one-review-good-dadOneGoodDad is a blog created by Jason Greene and it focuses on parenting challenges and rewards, faith, travel, entertainment, sports, and occasionally some grooming tips for men.

Jason recently discussed the benefits of MicroTouch grooming products and he highlighted a number of benefits of the Micro Touch One classic, single-blade razor.

“The Micro Touch One razor gave me the closest shave that I’ve gotten at home and does get very close to the skin,” says Jason.  The MicroTouch One provided the “closest shave that I have received outside of a barber’s chair.”

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MicroTouch One Takes the Cake!

microtouch-one-review-numb-sharp“Let’s face it – buying refill blades for typical razors can get expensive,” says a reviewer from NumbSharp as they begin their Micro Touch One review. “And there’s something to be said about shaving the old-fashioned way….”

The reviewer decides to give the MicroTouch One a try and was extremely happy with the results of our classic, single-blade razor.  “Simply put, it’s intuitive to use and affordable to own a Micro Touch One,” they state.  “You simply use the weight of the blade to glide the razor across your skin.  No need to apply excessive pressure – the blade of the Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor will do all the work on its own.”

In conclusion of their review they gave the MicroTouch One their 4-star rating and say: “Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor takes the cake.”

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MicroTouch One Shoots and Scores!

Some of the biggest and best NBA Stars stopped by the NBA All-Star Weekend Swag Suite for some of our MicroTouch grooming products.

The National Basketball Association All-Star Weekend is a weekend festival held every February during the middle of the NBA regular season that consists of a variety of basketball events, exhibitions, and performances culminating in the NBA All-Star Game.


Anthony Tolliver of the Detroit Piston


George Irving, AKA, the “Ice Man”


Steve Blake of the Portland Trailblazers


MicoTouch One at the Golden Globes!

Mark Feuerstein, from Royal Pains, visits the Golden Globes Celebrity Style Lounge sponsored in part by MicroTouch grooming products.

The event was the perfect way to kick-off the big Academy Award weekend as nominees and talent were treated to an event that benefitted Farm Sanctuary and Hope For Paws.


The following celebrities were in attendance; Adina Porter (Nominated TV show “True Blood”), Ashley Argota (“The Fosters” Nominated TV show), Jason Ritter (“Parenthood”), Jenji Kohan (Nominated for the “Orange is the New Black”), Josh Brener (Nominated for “Silicon Valley”), Mark Feuerstein (“Royal Pains”), Mekhi Phifer (“Divergent”), Neil McDonough (“Suits”), Omar Dorsey (Nominated for ”Selma”), Beau Casper, and Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz (Nominated for Best Actress and Best Director respectively for “Gett: The trial of Viviane Amsalem”).

Light Up Your Man’s Face with MicroTouch One

micro-touch-one-review-happily-blendedBrandy is the author of Positive Girl – The Power of Your Thoughts and the owner/operator of several blogs including Happily Blended. In her review of MicroTouch One she said she saw her “fiancé’s face light up “when she showed him our single-blade razor.

“My fiancé absolutely loves using his MicroTouch ONE,” she continues. “The ‘butterfly’ opening style of the MicroTouch ONE allows for you to safely clean the blade and rinse it free of shaving cream and whiskers without harming yourself. The blades last longer and saves you money in the long haul of your shaving life.”

“I loved seeing how happy this razor made my fiancé,” Brandy says.

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The Fashionable MicroTouch One


microtouch-one-review-adentro-styleAdentro Style is a bilingual men’s style blog created by Alejandro and this fashion-savvy man turned his attention to men’s grooming habits.

“Like it or not we men have to up our grooming game” begins Alejandro. “I tried out a couple of grooming products specifically for shaving because I have to do it every couple of days…and I got introduced to the Micro Touch One Blade.”

Alejandro says he loves the “classic look” of the Micro Touch One. “I love the feel of it as I shave” he adds.

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Men’s Grooming Site Reviews MicroTouch One

Yosaki – a site decided to men’s grooming – recently reviewed the MicroTouch One razor and they provide considerable information about our classic, single-blade razor for their readers.

The reviewer includes a number of features about MicroTouch One including:

  • MicroTouch One is made of solid brass
  • MicroTouch One is chrome plated
  • It’s easy to change blades with MicroTouch One
  • The MicroTouch safety razor has a weighted base coupled with a removable and curved shaving head.
  • Micro Touch One facilitates for only one double-edged blade
  • Micro Touch One comes well packaged


“Micro Touch will give you a close shave,” the review continues. “It comes with 12 precision blades to save you money during your first time shaving with it and at the same time it comes with a chrome stand, so you don’t have to worry where to keep it after use.”

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MicroTouch One is a Winner!


Nick Shaves recently provided a YouTube review on the MicroTouch One and he invites his viewers to watch him use this classic, single-blade razor.

Nick begins by grabbing his favorite shaving brush and soap and lathering up his face. He then places a fresh blade in the Micro Touch One and he begins to shave. “It’s doing a nice job” Nick says as he uses the MicroTouch One. “Very smooth….It feels really great….I feel like this is a really ‘safe’ safety razor.”

“It’s a winner!” Nick says as he closes his MicroTouch One review.

Watch Nick’s full MicroTouch One video review

Celebrate the Holidays with Micro Touch One


MicroTouch One suggests you don’t let your Santa scruff get out of control this holiday season!

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