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About The Micro Touch ONE Razor

The Micro Touch ONE razor is the modern version of a timeless classic. Micro Touch ONE demonstrates how you only need ONE BLADE for the perfect shave. The Micro Touch ONE is a classic razor that comes with a free set of 12 razor blades, free deluxe carrying case and a bonus set of 12 razor blades (just pay separate shipping and handling for the bonus set).


MicroTouch One Gets Some More Instagram Love

“This is the only way I’m shaving from now on,” says @thefrenchconnect on Instagram as he shows a picture of his MicroTouch One razor.

Have a great picture of your MicroTouch One razor? Instagram it and tag us @microtouchgroom for a chance to be featured on MicroTouch page!

Repost from @thefrenchconnect: “This is the only way I’m shaving from now on.” #MicroTouchOne

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MicroTouch One and Well Bearded Men!

Instagram user @dlandriii shared this photo by April Loyle of his MicroTouch One with the latest beard oil scent from A Well Bearded Man! Tag MicroTouch in your photos at @microtouchgroom for a chance to be featured on the MicroTouch Facebook page!

Grooming Essentials.

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Celebrating a MicroTouch One Anniversary

YouTuber, Ckiefer (aka C-Money) says his channel is a place for show-n-tell.  “Just think of it as Show and Tell for grown-ups,” he says. “It’s a place to see me; review, discuss, and show you my hobbies and adventures.”


This past summer C-Money celebrated his 1 year anniversary wet-shaving with MicroTouch One.  “Last year I decided to give wet shaving a try,” says C-Money.  “I ran out to the drug store and picked up the MicroTouch One razor….It was the beginning of a great hobby and a small obsession.”

In his video celebrating MicroTouch One, C-Money shows people how it provides him with a close shave.

Happy Anniversary C-Money!   We’re glad you love Micro Touch One!

Watch C-Money’s full MicroTouch One video.

MicroTouch One Announces #BeardGoals Winners


This summer MicroTouch launched an exciting #‎BeardGoals contest.  Fans of MicroTouch One – and all of our MicroTouch products – submitted their photos sporting their beards by adding the #‎BeardGoals hashtag to their picture on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tagging us.

The winners are now highlighted on our MicroTouch Facebook cover and they are:

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Patterson, Tony Daugherty, Dennis God’s Sapphire Lastra, and Reno A. Cyr Senior.

Congrats on having facial hair we can ALL look up to!

Micro Touch One Reviewer Declares: MicroTouch One Gives You a Great Shave!


Youtuber, doubtmenow 1982, picked up our Micro Touch One at his local Walmart and he shared his thoughts about our classic razor on his YouTube channel.

“It is very well made…..It’s so smooth….It doesn’t tug.  It doesn’t pull,” he says.  He continues by showing folks how to open the Micro Touch One, how to clean it, and how to place one of the 12 razors that come with MicroTouch One into the razor.

“It is a good product,” he concludes. “I highly recommended it…It’s a great shave!”

Micro Touch One receives his 5 (out of 5) rating!

Watch the full Micro Touch One video review

Cleaning your Safety Razor


Nick Shaves is a Youtube channel dedicated to Nick’s passion for safety razors and straight razor shaving!  In a recent video Nick provides some guidance on how to clean and maintain safety razors.  “A safety razor is an investment,” says Nick “and with a little bit of effort it can last for many years in top shape.”

Watch Nick’s full video below and be sure to check out his Micro Touch One review.   Spoiler alert!  He declares Micro Touch One a winner!

MicroTouch One: It’s Cool!

Another Microtouch One user has created a video review of our classic, single blade razor.

In his video William Riopelle shows his viewers how he shaves with the MicroTouch One.  Says William as he’s shaving: “You can feel that close shave.  It cleans up real good and it just works perfect.”

Micro Touch One is “cool,” declares William.








Watch his full MicroTouch One review

MicroTouch One Encourages You to Say Goodbye to Soap Shaving Cream!

Micro Touch One leaves you with a close shave, but having an equally superior shaving cream is an important part of the shaving process. Sometimes shaving creams can get very expensive, and some men end up resorting to soap.  Unfortunately, many of these soaps don’t provide you skin with enough protection and moisture.  Before you know it, you’ve shaving experience is not a pleasant one!’


Micro Touch One has a possible solution for you; a do-it-yourself shaving cream you can make in the comfort of your own home, and for half the cost of many shaving creams. Here is one example of a DIY recipe for a soothing, light shaving cream from blogger, Jillee that you can use with your MicroTouch One razor.

First you’ll need to gather all the ingredients. You’ll need 2/3 cup of virgin coconut oil, 2/3 cup of shea butter, ¼ cup of olive oil, 10 drops of lavender and 5 drops of peppermint essential oils, and 2 teaspoons baking soda.

Now that you’ve gathered everything you need you can start cooking! In a saucepan over low heat combine the butter and coconut oil till it’s melted. Remove the heat and add your olive oil and essential oils.  Mix everything in saucepan and transfer to a small bowl, place the mixture in your refrigerator.

Once the mixture is solid, remove it from the refrigerator and let it soften a little. After it’s softened you’re going to mix in the baking soda. Your final step is to whip the mix till it is light and fluffy, transfer the cream to a jar. Now you can enjoy your homemade shaving cream, and your Micro Touch One, to get that perfect shave!

Micro Touch One on the As Seen on TV Store


Did you know that you can purchase the Micro Touch One Razor online? The Micro Touch One offers a modern twist on the classic safety razor, which has been considered the best way to shave for over 100 years.

The precision crafted, chrome plated solid brass razor opens with one simple twist, and is very easy to clean. Its single blade design delivers a perfect clean shave, with very little effort.

To purchase your Micro Touch One, visit the official MicroTouch One website.



Micro Touch One: An Extensive Review


James White is a product review blogger, and avid shaver. He recently purchased and reviewed the Micro Touch One, and wrote an extensive post about his experience.

He starts his MicroTouch One review by giving a little background on his experience with different types of razors, saying “I’ve developed a pretty good sense as to what is a good and bad razor over the years, not just for shaving my head and face, but for shaving my chest and stomach, too.” He continues on with a little information on how to prep for the best shave, and noting that he prefers safety razors for when he wants to “look extra smooth….”

James said he used the Micro Touch One razor for three months, and was impressed with the results; he said “Micro Touch One performed surprisingly well….” The blades (made by Dorco) do a fine job of gliding through stubble.” He also notes that his wife enjoyed the results too, saying “I asked my wife’s honest opinion after my first shave with Micro Touch One, and she said she felt that my face was smoother than normal….”

Read James’ full MicroTouch One review