MicroTouch One: Spreading Holiday Joy All-Year Around!

The winter holidays have come and gone and now many people are enjoying the MicroTouch products they received as presents.

Hug6080 loves his new MicroTouch One razor and he shared his joy on Instragam

#microtouchone best shaver machine so far. I’m a happy customer merry Xmas to me.

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Start off the New Year with a Classic Razor!

micro-touch-one-new-yearIt’s 2016 and everyone is living out their New Year’s resolutions.  Why not make a new resolution that embraces the classic, old-school ways of shaving?  Micro Touch One is a classic, single-blade razor that “does the job” the way your father and grandfather did it.

Learn more about MicroTouch One and get ready to have a year filled with close shaves and smooth skin!

Pucker Up with Micro Touch One

Ah mistletoe!  In many cultures it was believed mistletoe possesses mystical powers which bring good luck to the household and wards off evil spirits. In Norse mythology, it was also used as a sign of love and friendship.  That’s where the custom of kissing under Mistletoe comes from.


Don’t let your scruff stand between you and your mistletoe kiss this year.  Your perfect peck is just a shave away thanks to MicroTouch One.

Join the Holiday “Parade” with MicroTouch One!

Did you catch us in Parade Magazine? Top gifts for the holidays and Micro Touch One has made the list!

MicroTouch Tough One is the ONE BLADE for a perfect shave.  Simply twist for easy cleaning with this classic, single-blade razor.


It’s the perfect holiday gift for those special men in your life!  Look for it at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart!

Celebrating No Shave November in MicroTouch Style!

No-Shave November is a month-long journey where participants forgo certain kinds of shaving and grooming in order to raise funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.


It’s a great event to support a wonderful cause!

Be sure to keep your beard trim and clean this ‎No Shave November with MicroTouch One!  You don’t want something other than hair growing on your face!

MicroTouch One Gets Some More Instagram Love

“This is the only way I’m shaving from now on,” says @thefrenchconnect on Instagram as he shows a picture of his MicroTouch One razor.

Have a great picture of your MicroTouch One razor? Instagram it and tag us @microtouchgroom for a chance to be featured on MicroTouch page!

Repost from @thefrenchconnect: “This is the only way I’m shaving from now on.” #MicroTouchOne

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Watch the Game, Win Some MicroTouch!


It’s time for another one of our MicroTouch Pick ‘Em giveaways! Who will win Monday night’s football game? The Chicago Bears or the San Diego Chargers? Leave your replies on our MicroTouch Pick ‘Em post on our MicroTouch Facebook page.  Leave comments before 8:30 EST 11/9 for a chance to win a MicroTouch Tough Blade!

Update:  Congratulations to the lucky winner, Brittany Kirk Steuart!

MicroTouch One and Well Bearded Men!

Instagram user @dlandriii shared this photo by April Loyle of his MicroTouch One with the latest beard oil scent from A Well Bearded Man! Tag MicroTouch in your photos at @microtouchgroom for a chance to be featured on the MicroTouch Facebook page!

Grooming Essentials.

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Celebrating a MicroTouch One Anniversary

YouTuber, Ckiefer (aka C-Money) says his channel is a place for show-n-tell.  “Just think of it as Show and Tell for grown-ups,” he says. “It’s a place to see me; review, discuss, and show you my hobbies and adventures.”


This past summer C-Money celebrated his 1 year anniversary wet-shaving with MicroTouch One.  “Last year I decided to give wet shaving a try,” says C-Money.  “I ran out to the drug store and picked up the MicroTouch One razor….It was the beginning of a great hobby and a small obsession.”

In his video celebrating MicroTouch One, C-Money shows people how it provides him with a close shave.

Happy Anniversary C-Money!   We’re glad you love Micro Touch One!

Watch C-Money’s full MicroTouch One video.

MicroTouch One Announces #BeardGoals Winners


This summer MicroTouch launched an exciting #‎BeardGoals contest.  Fans of MicroTouch One – and all of our MicroTouch products – submitted their photos sporting their beards by adding the #‎BeardGoals hashtag to their picture on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tagging us.

The winners are now highlighted on our MicroTouch Facebook cover and they are:

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Patterson, Tony Daugherty, Dennis God’s Sapphire Lastra, and Reno A. Cyr Senior.

Congrats on having facial hair we can ALL look up to!