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About The Micro Touch ONE Razor

The Micro Touch ONE razor is the modern version of a timeless classic. Micro Touch ONE demonstrates how you only need ONE BLADE for the perfect shave. The Micro Touch ONE is a classic razor that comes with a free set of 12 razor blades, free deluxe carrying case and a bonus set of 12 razor blades (just pay separate shipping and handling for the bonus set).


Reviewer Highlights Cost Effectiveness of the Micro Touch ONE

microtouch-one-reviews-reginas-family-seasonsThe MicroTouch ONE was reviewed by Jackie of Regina’s Family Seasons, and she provides a full look at this classic safety razor.

“This is your old school, barbershop, type single blade shaver” says Jackie. “It is an acquired taste and may take some getting used to but DEFINITELY WORTH IT for a CLASSIC, CLOSER SHAVE!” Jackie also highlights how the MicroTouch ONE razor can save money saying:

“With the cost of the disposable razors on the market and the cost of the refill blades, and depending on how often you shave buying this MicroTouch ONE is very likely a more cost effective deal.”

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MicroTouch ONE: Modern Version of a Classic Razor

microtouch-one-review-tv-stuff-onlineTV Stuff Online recently reviewed the MicroTouch ONE razor and they provide their readers considerable information about this classic, safety, single-blade razor.

“One Razor is the modernized version of the old-fashioned razor with one blade that was used for a hundred years” their MicroTouch ONE review begins. “It is based on the principle that one razor is all that is needed instead of multiple razors to shave the face.”

The review then highlights some of the main features of the Micro Touch ONE razor including:
• Uses 1 razor instead of multiple ones, just like razors were made for 100 years
• Solid brass and chrome plated
• Same razor as professional barbers use
• Opens with a twist to clean
• Comes with 12 blades and a deluxe travelling kit

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Micro Touch ONE: The Classic Razor is Back!

microtouch-one-reviews-a-mommas-journal“The traditional and classic safety razor is back” declares JoymH in her review of the Micro Touch ONE for a Momma’s Journal. Introducing the MicroTouch ONE, the modern version of the timeless safety razor that I’ve known for all of my life because my dad used to use the same razor….”

JoymH states that she found the Micro Touch ONE to be affordable, effective and “a money saver.” She goes on to note how the Micro Touch ONE helped her husband to receive a quick, close shave and how this classic razor was easy to maintain and clean.

I’m “so glad that they are back” she exclaims as she closes her Micro Touch ONE review “I bet my dad would love to have one too!”

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MicroTouch ONE vs. Disposable Razors

micro-touch-one-reviews-my-journey-with-candida“My Hubs is always complaining that he doesn’t get a close shave like in the Good Ole Days” begins Tery of My Journey With Candida. “He uses those throw away razors and wonders why he doesn’t get a close shave.”

“Come on” Terry exclaims. “Even I know the old time safety razors were the BEST!!”

Terry then provides her husband with the MicroTouch ONE classic razor and encourages him to give it a try. “Hubs was excited to try his new MicroTouch One Safety Razor to see how it worked for him” she reports. “After he got the hang of it, he finished his shave and got all those pesky whiskers….It is a much closer shave.”

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How to Prevent Razor Burns and Shave with a Classic Razor

Razor burn is a skin condition that displays a red rash, bumps, or sometimes even blisters. Razor bumps are small, irritated bumps on the skin. They are strands of hair that curl back on themselves and grow into the skin and they can develop after some men shave. Razor bumps can cause irritation and pimples and may even lead to scarring.


MicroTouch ONE is a single blade razor that encourages you to avoid razor burns and razor bumps by following these guidelines on how to best use a classic razor:

1. Shave after you shower – A nice soft beard is easily to remove than one that feels rough and the hot steam of a shower will help to soften your facial hair. If you want to get your hair really soft try some hair conditioner.
2. Use a safety razor – For many men, the multiple blades of today’s razors often irritate their skin. Shaving with a safety razor like the Micro Touch ONE will help to eliminate skin irritation and give your face a clean, healthy look.
3. Shave with the grain of your hair – Shaving against the grain can get you a smooth feel in one deft swoop, but it also mean you risk slicing up your face, causing razor burns or razor bumps. Shave with the grain instead. Doing so does mean you may not be able to remove your beard in one pass but making several passes with the grain is much better than making one pass against it.
4. Use light, short strokes – Applying too much pressure with the razor increases your chances for razor burn. Short, light strokes is all you need.
5. Rinse your face with cold water – When you’re down shaving, rinse your face with cold water. The cold water helps close up your pores and reduces the probability of whiskers forming ingrown hairs.
6. Apply an aftershave, balm or moisturizer – Aftershaves can feel refreshing, but for some men, they actually add to the irritation. If you are one of these guys, try applying a soothing balm or an aloe vera cortisone cream instead. This can help to reduce redness.
7. Dry your blade – After you’re done shaving, dry off your blade with a towel. Doing so will help prevent the blade from dulling quickly and it will keep the blade nice and sharp for your next shave.

The Problem with Disposable Razors

In the 1970s, the world saw how plastic materials could be used in the creation of all sorts of household products and one French company created what would be the world’s first disposable men’s razor. Soon other razor companies followed suit and today the men’s shaving market is filled with various types of disposable razors.

Men have varying results with these disposable razors. Factors can include the brand, the model and the man’s face and/or hair type. Many groups and individuals, however, are equally concerned about the environmental impact of disposable razors. Statistics indicate that America throws away over 2 billion disposable razors per year and environmental groups are asking about the impact of these throw-away shaving devices. It is estimated that disposable razors take up 34,000,000 cubic feet of landfill space every year and that each razor emits CO2 into the atmosphere.


The MicroTouch ONE single blade razor is a perfect alternative to disposable razors. It is made of solid brass and is chrome plated. It is precision crafted and opens with a simple twist. Best of all, the MicroTouch ONE is great way to get a smooth shave.

The Micro Touch ONE Razor is One-derful!

microtouch-one-razor-review-minnesodadIn his recent MicroTouch ONE review – entitled “Micro Touch One-derful…” – Sean says he’s been shaving since he was 15 and that he’s trying to be clean shaven these days. But, he goes on to say, “it’s tough choosing between groceries or a 4 pack of my razor blades. $15.99 for 4 razors?!? No thanks.”

Sean goes on to say “I am also not okay with the billion-blade razor theme that seems to be popular these days. I just want one or two blades that don’t clog up after one shave or rip my whiskers out of my face. I want a shave. This is where the MicroTouchOne razor comes in.”

His Micro Touch ONE review goes on to note many features of the classic, single blade razor and he reports on how the MicroTouch ONE performed for him saying: “I had been growing my “beard” for almost a week, which with a multi-blade razor, would mean plenty of razor-to-face snags and a clogged blade within minutes. The MicroTouch One shaved right through the whiskers and I was able to easily and comfortably shave one half of my face within a few minutes…. In the end, I was left with one of the best shaves of my life.”

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MicroTouch ONE Receives Thumbs Up

micro-touch-one-review-geek-alabama“Admit it guys,” says Nathan Geek Alabama in his review of the Micro Touch ONE “how much does it cost to purchase those multi-blade razors? They are certainly not cheap. For me, I buy the cheap disposable two-blade razors that only cost around $3 for a 12 pack.”

Nathan decides to give the Micro Touch ONE a try to see if he could get a comfortable shave while also saving money. Nathan reports:

“It normally takes me two cheap disposable two-blade razors to shave my entire face. It only took one blade from this razor to shave my face! And after rinsing, I can use the same blade again. I also had no blood and cuts on my face after shaving with the MicroTouch ONE Razor. And the shave was very comfortable and easy to my skin. I recommend the MicroTouch ONE Razor to anyone who shaves, it gets a thumbs up!”

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Micro Touch ONE Provides a Smooth Shaved Face

micro-touch-one-review-lifes-perception-inspirationDemcy Apdian, of Life’s Perception and Inspiration, recently reviewed the MicroTouch ONE with her husband and she shared their experiences with her readers.

“My husband loved his new MicroTouch One razor” she reports. “He said that it’s very convenient to use and blade replacement was like a piece of cake! It turned out to be one of his best shaving razors….He finally got a smooth shaved face!”

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MicroTouch ONE Razor Meets Minnesota

microtouch-one-review-central-minnesota-momKatie, of Central Minnesota Mom, asked her husband to review the Micro Touch ONE razor and they discovered a number of positives about this classic, single blade razor.

Katie shares their step-by-step experiences using the Micro Touch ONE with her readers and then reports that her husband named a number of “pros” about the MicroTouch ONE:

• Produces less waste with a single blade being discarded vs. multiple blade heads
• Durable – heads don’t pop off if the razor is dropped vs. disposable razor heads
• Visually appealing razor and storage case
• Nice storage area for the blades in the travel case
• Seem to clean fairly well between shaving strokes
• Shave seemed to be best with shaving cream/foam and shaving oil vs. shaving gel that does not foam

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