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Single Dads Looking Good with the Micro Touch ONE

microtouch-one-review-single-dadSingleDad.com is a website “dedicated to single parenting and specifically for the newly divorced, re-married, widowed and single father with children.” One of their common topics of discussion considers how these men can be great fathers and still look good for the dating scene.

In a recent post, SingleDad considers how the MicroTouch ONE can help these men in their efforts of looking good and here’s what some of their staff Dads had to say about the Micro Touch ONE:

“I like the weight of the blade and the cool case it came in…” – Cory

“Hey, I don’t have the same hassle as the rest of the Dads when it comes to shaving, but I like this MicroTouch.” – Dominick

“I get a 5o’clock shadow by noon with most razors and the best thing is that it works great on my back hair… I’m sold!” – RJ

“A close shave at the fraction of the price… What’s your question? I’m sold on it!!” – Dustin

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MicroTouch ONE Receives Thumbs Up

micro-touch-one-review-geek-alabama“Admit it guys,” says Nathan Geek Alabama in his review of the Micro Touch ONE “how much does it cost to purchase those multi-blade razors? They are certainly not cheap. For me, I buy the cheap disposable two-blade razors that only cost around $3 for a 12 pack.”

Nathan decides to give the Micro Touch ONE a try to see if he could get a comfortable shave while also saving money. Nathan reports:

“It normally takes me two cheap disposable two-blade razors to shave my entire face. It only took one blade from this razor to shave my face! And after rinsing, I can use the same blade again. I also had no blood and cuts on my face after shaving with the MicroTouch ONE Razor. And the shave was very comfortable and easy to my skin. I recommend the MicroTouch ONE Razor to anyone who shaves, it gets a thumbs up!”

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Micro Touch ONE Provides a Smooth Shaved Face

micro-touch-one-review-lifes-perception-inspirationDemcy Apdian, of Life’s Perception and Inspiration, recently reviewed the MicroTouch ONE with her husband and she shared their experiences with her readers.

“My husband loved his new MicroTouch One razor” she reports. “He said that it’s very convenient to use and blade replacement was like a piece of cake! It turned out to be one of his best shaving razors….He finally got a smooth shaved face!”

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MicroTouch ONE: The ONE for Christmas

microtouch-one-razor-review-joliepagaille“I have to admit, this razor was pretty intimidating” begins Vivienne of Joliepagaille in her review for the Micro Touch ONE razor. “Especially when I wasn’t expecting the razor to feel so … heavy duty, elegant and professional.” “The blade itself is pretty sharp” she goes to say “so I was awfully careful with the razor when I was trying to shave my legs as to not nick my skin. It took a couple of tries to get the angle right, but I have to admit.. this razor, compared to any mainstream razors in the market, did a great job making my legs feel smooth.”

Vivienne goes to discuss the ways one can prepare their skin before using the MicroTouch ONE and also highlights the use of Micro Touch ONE for men saying “if you’re thinking about Christmas gifts for a man, then this might be the ONE.”

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Reviewer Discovers the Power of the Micro Touch ONE Single Blade Razor

microtouch-one-review-bensparkDrew of BenSpark recently reviewed the Micro Touch ONE and was impressed with power of this classic single-blade razor.

“I have been shaving since I was in sixth grade” Drew begins. “I’ve used electric razors, multi-bladed razors and once in high school I had to shave with a two blade disposable razor and a bar of soap. I have never used a single bladed razor to shave. Never, until today. Today I tried out the MicroTouch One.”

Drew reports that he found the MicroTouch ONE to be an “absolutely beautiful razor” that performs well. “It cut through a four day stubble like it was nothing. I got a very smooth shave” he states.

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Go Retro with the Micro Touch ONE Razor

micro-touch-one-razor-review-examinerThe Micro Touch ONE razor was recently discussed by Mark Leevan from Examiner.com.

The Micro Touch ONE “feels fabulous in your hand and, most important, glides smoothly across your skin for the best shave of your life” says Leevan. “The ONE’s ‘butterfly’ opening allows you to easily and safely clean the blade, rinsing it free of shaving cream and whiskers after each shave. Your blades last longer, and that saves you money.”

“You owe it to yourself to go retro with the MicroTouch One classic safety razor” Leevan exclaims.

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The Importance of the Microtouch ONE Carrying Case

microtouch-one-razor-review-mimi-loves-all-8Annette, of Mimi Loves All 8, recently reviewed the Microtouch ONE and highlighted the importance of the Microtouch ONE razor carrying case.

She begins by noting how the Microtouch ONE razor is made of solid brass and is chrome plated. She notes how it will “feel fabulous in your hand and it glides smoothly across your skin” and she stated her belief that the Microtouch ONE “will last you for years.”

Perhaps her strongest point, however, is about the carrying case that is included with the Microtouch ONE razor. Annette says, “I can’t tell you how important having the case is. If you have ever used a ‘real’ razor you probably know you can be seriously cut if it isn’t handled properly. So when carrying your razor in your bag a case is a definite must.”

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Wife Discovers the Merits of the Microtouch ONE Razor

DR2BUZZ, of Hubsly (“The Best of the Web”) recently considered the Micro Touch ONE razor while attempting to help her husband with his “razor burn.”


“One day I realized that his gripes about his current razor had merit” she begins ” I asked him to shave so that he would look presentable. He did and returned bright red” from razor burn. She decided to find him some new razors and found the Micro Touch ONE razor website. “To me, it made perfect sense” she states. “After all, I remembered my grandfather and my dad shaving with their classic safety razors. You know I never heard them complain once.”

And what where her final thoughts on the Microtouch ONE? “Overall, I was very impressed” she says. “More importantly, I like the value.”

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Microtouch ONE Review Embraces a Return to a Classic Razor

Reviewers from As Seen on TV Product Reviews recently considered the Microtouch ONE razor and embraced its’ “classic” single blade design.

” With One Razor you won’t have to spend huge amounts that you spend on those multiple razors…” they begin. The Microtouch ONE gives a “modern touch to the traditional classic single blade razor.” They go on to note how the Microtouch ONE razor is easy to clean and a long-lasting solution to multi-blade razors. They also note the money people can save. ” If one blade can do the trick for you then why would you want to spend huge amounts on those multiple blade razors you find in the market?” With Microtouch ONE ” you get your money’s worth and then some more.”

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Review Site Gives Microtouch ONE Razor 4 Stars!

The Microtouch ONE razor was recently reviewed by TV Stuff Reviews and received a high 4-stars rating.  The Microtouch ONE razor “really does work” remarks the reviewer. It “has proven to last and last, and it’s very easy to take care of.” The review continues by listing many features of the Microtouch ONE razor and concludes by saying:

“These days advertisements tell us that having a razor with many blades is a good thing because it will give you an extra smooth shave. Even though some of these razors work really well, there are many that aren’t up to scratch. Trust in the One Razor to give you a great smooth shave every single time.”

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